Golden Teacher Spore Syringe (20cc)




Buy golden teachers spores syringe online. Golden Teacher mushrooms are amongst the most popular mushroom strains in the world to study and hunt for in the wild. First appearing in the 1980s, the exact origin of the Golden Teacher mushroom remains unknown. It is commonly believed that the Golden Teacher mushroom was discovered on a farm in Georgia or possibly even originate from Cuba.

In nature, Golden Teacher magic mushrooms may be the most likely cubensis mushroom a hiker or mushroom hunters may come across.  This is because even under less than ideal growing conditions, Golden Teacher mushrooms grow quite easily, often producing large flushes. Golden teachers spores for sale

Buy Golden Teachers Spores Syringe Online

Often, it is the case that the first flush of Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms will produce an abundance of medium-sized mushrooms. In later flushes, the golden mushroom caps and stems may grow very large.  The very wide and golden mushroom caps on the Golden Teacher mushroom are often much larger than the other Psilocybe cubensis mushroom varieties. Golden teacher spores syringe

For instance, Penis Envy mushrooms, Ecuadorian mushrooms and Burma Cubensis mushrooms all have much smaller mushroom caps.  The large caps on the Golden Teacher mushroom make it ideal for mushroom spores and spore printing. The Golden Teacher mushroom also has mushroom gills that vary from whitish to purple-brown and remain close together.  These elegant features make the Golden Teacher mushroom very unique. order magic mushrooms in Toronto, dried golden teacher


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