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About mushroom gummies

Buy mushroom gummies online. Shafaa has worked extensively in collaboration with the most competitive pastry chefs in the market to develop the best quality, taste, smell, texture and potency. The formula is optimized to fully mask the mushroom’s taste without having to ingest a large amount of edibles for your psychedelic journey.

Every piece of Shafaa microdosing magic mushroom gummies contains 0.5 grams of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms (Golden Teacher or Penis Envy Shrooms) and are available in two delicious flavors: Cherry Cola, and Sour Blue Raspberry.

Shafaa gummies provide a tasty and smooth way to ingest magic mushrooms;

  • Avoid the powdered texture and taste of mushrooms
  • Easily customize your dosage – each gummy piece consists of 500mg (0.5g) of ground shrooms
  • No non-natural preservatives, gluten-free, natural gelatin gummies

These 500mg macrodose magic mushroom gummies are offered in two safe doses of Heal (2g), and Dissolve (5g).

Available in 2 options:

  • Heal (2g) – Contains 4 (500mg) Gummies for $45
  • Dissolve (5g) – Contains 10 (500mg) Gummies for $95

Choose from 4 flavours:

  • Cherry Cola
  • Sour Blue Raspberry

Available Options & Dosage Guide:

Dosage Guideline Quantity Total Amount of Psilocybin
Heal 4 x 500mg pieces 2g
Dissolve 10 x 500mg pieces 5g

We recommend you to never ingest more than 5 grams of dry magic mushrooms (or equivalent dose in other derivatives/formats) in one take. A normal macro dose of psilocybin shrooms is 2.5 to 3.5 grams. Buy mushroom gummies online.

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Heal (2g) – Cherry Cola, Dissolve (5g)- Cherry Cola, Heal (2g) – Sour Blue Raspberry, Dissolve (5g)- Sour Blue Raspberry


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