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Buy spore prints mushrooms online. The A+ Albino mushroom is an all white psilocybe cubensis variation. The AA+ white skin turns almost blue when maturing. Great grow in the first flushes. The albino A+ is not a true Albino, but a leucistic mutation of the A+ strain. The mushrooms still have some pigment and the spores are dark almost black. These characteristics makes the A+ Albino an ideal strain to experiment with other cubes and make your own ‘Albino’ strain.

General Information About The A+ Albinon Psilocybe Cubensis Strain:

Origin: Unknown, Mutation of A+ strain (by Mr. G., “Creator” of the B+)
Caps:  Size 25-35+ mm, pale white to yellowish (when in light) sometimes with a ‘nipple’.
Stem: 40-120 + mm, White (yellow) color. Turns blue when touched.
Spore: Dark brown.1.5–17 x 8–11 µm, subellipsoid, basidia 4-spored
Substrate: Brown Rice Flour, PF Tek, Rye grain. Also Dung, Straw and compost

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Comment: Almost white, but not a real albino. Keep in a darker spot to keep the Albino looks. buy spore prints in Canada

Albino A+  Psilocybe cubensis spore print

The mushroom Spore prints are made on sterile foil which is stored in sterile ziplock bag and kept under refrigerated conditions. Each spore print has a tiny scratch of spores removed from the print. With this swab a test run on agar or liquid culture is made to check the conditions of the spores. Only spores that germinate are released as a print. Buy spore prints psilocybe, spore prints mushroom wholesale.

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Spore print refrigerated between 2*C-8*C Celsius or 35*F-46*F Fahrenheit. A mushroom Spore print can be stored for years.

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