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About Z-strain mushroom

Buy Z strain mushrooms online. Z-Strain Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Z) is a newer strain born in the 90s. There is some controversy as some in the community believed that Spore Trading Post rebranded someone else’s spores to be this new Z-strain. Others disprove this theory by showing that the Z-strain is an amazingly fast colonizer and have high potency.

Buy Z strain mushrooms online is a member of the Psilocybe cubensis family of mushrooms. Often referred to as “benzies” or “cubies”. The Psilocybe cubensis possess exceptional potency as well as the ease at which it can grow. In the same way making it a favorite for mushroom cultivators. As a result, Z Strain born through human cultivation—it’s not a naturally occurring fungus. At some point, someone created a variant strain of a naturally occurring Psilocybe cubensis mushroom, and Z Strain was born.

Furthermore, regardless of history and its origin stories, the Z-strain shrooms are a very popular amongst home growers as it is one of the most reliable strains to cultivate. Its appearance is medium to large mushrooms with a small to medium golden caps.

The Z-Strain magic mushrooms are known for their above average potency. The effects may vary from person to person and dependent on your set and setting. Finally, the Z-strain is  energetic and provide users with creative impulses while still providing feelings of love and transcendence.

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Ounce ( 28grams), Quater Pound (112grams), HP (223grams), pound ( 443grams)

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  1. Mike Warner

    I enjoyed their fast shipping and also the effects of the mushrooms. I have been comparing it with other supplements to see what offers the most benefits. My roommate and I are splitting the cost of shipping a few different ones and he ordered from Best Mushroom Store and we both thought it was thumbs up

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